Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kuda progress

Work is progressing on my project car, and I've recently put all new sheet metal back on the shell. I also mocked up the whole exterior, roughly fitting the fiberglass front fenders and hood, bumpers, spoilers, grill, wheels etc..    And the above image is how it looked. Pretty cool to see it looking like a car again!


  1. actually, add glass, seats and a killer engine, and this would be a pretty bad ass ride as is.

  2. following the progress for a while, impressive fab work -- hope the rest of the puzzle coming together is as satisfying as when you turn the key and hear it wake up thru those 3 and a half in pipes!

  3. Hey Aaron,

    First of all I want to say that I love how the Kuda looks, Mad Max style!

    Second of all, I want to ask you what software do you use for your design ideas? I would also like to start sketching my ideas when I have the time. I am daily visitor of website and I read your articles, especially the second one with your design ideas. Great ideas by the way!

    Best regards,

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